Critiques and grades for all 12 teams from Rotoworld's Live Mock Draft

By Spencer Limbach, Rotoworld
Special to Yahoo Sports

Editor’s note: On Aug. 21, our friends at Rotoworld hosted their second-annual live mock draft via Facebook and their new YouTube channel. You might want to follow/subscribe to both, if you haven’t already. The draft was a 12-team PPR formatted league on Yahoo Fantasy.

The draft featured four of Rotoworld’s experts in Evan Silva, Patrick Daugherty, Rich Hribar and Raymond Summerlin as well as eight Draft Guide subscribers. Per usual, the event provided some great entertainment and key insights through every pick. You can view the replay along with some highlights through the aforementioned YouTube and Facebook pages.

For the sake of transparency, I have yet to view the mock draft replay, meaning I have a completely unbiased view. I’m not even sure which roster belongs to which owner. Below, I will recap all the picks from the draft, give my comments and a final grade for each squad.

Editor’s Note: The owners were inserted after the column was initially published.

TEAM 1: Jordan Haver
R1 (1) – Le’Veon Bell, RB
R2 (24) – Joe Mixon, RB
R3 (25) – T.Y. Hilton, WR
R4 (48) – Corey Davis, WR
R5 (49) – Royce Freeman, RB
R6 (72) – Jamison Crowder, WR
R7 (72) – Rashaad Penny, RB
R8 (96) – John Brown, WR
R9 (97) – Deshaun Watson, QB
R10 (120) – Rishard Matthews, WR
R11 (121) – Anthony Miller, WR
R12 (144) – Ricky Seals-Jones, TE
R13 (145) – Courtland Sutton, WR
R14 (168) – O.J. Howard, TE
R15 (169) – Minnesota, DEF
R16 (192) – Adam Vinatieri, K

Comments: The “PPR-beast” Le’Veon Bell will certainly help this team, assuming he stays healthy for the entire season. Aside from that, I’m noticing that Team 1 took a few chances on what I would consider as “lottery-ticket” wide receivers. Corey Davis and John Brown were both taken ahead of their expected ADP, and this team’s success will likely rely on one of them (probably Davis) making a drastic leap forward. Team 1 certainly has upside, but will the core of RB Bell, RB Mixon, WR Hilton and QB Watson be enough to hold this team together while hoping for others to break out?

Grade: C+

TEAM 2: Rich Hribar
R1 (2) – Todd Gurley II, RB
R2 (23) – Adam Thielen, WR
R3 (26) – Larry Fitzgerald, WR
R4 (47) – Demaryius Thomas, WR
R5 (50) – Golden Tate, WR
R6 (71) – Julian Edelman, WR
R7 (74) – Kerryon Johnson, RB
R8 (95) – Jordan Reed, TE
R9 (98) – Cam Newton, QB
R10 (119) – Bilal Powell, RB
R11 (122) – George Kittle, TE
R12 (143) – Chris Godwin, WR
R13 (146) – Matt Breida, RB
R14 (167) – Jonathan Williams, RB
R15 (170) – Baltimore, DEF
R16 (191) – Robbie Gould, K

Comments: This is a strong PPR team with an excellent core of Gurley, Thielen, Fitzgerald, Tate and D.Thomas. That’s not even mentioning the PPR-upside of Julian Edelman once he returns. Gurley obviously serves as a staple at running back, while looking to stream the other RB position between Kerryon Johnson, Powell, Breida or the waiver wire. That’s not a bad strategy considering the haul Team 2 made of PPR-oriented wide receivers. A potential Cam Newton bounce-back campaign sweetens the pot even more.

Grade: A-

TEAM 3: Steli Paterakis
R1 (3) – Ezekiel Elliott, RB
R2 (22) – Devonta Freeman, RB
R3 (27) – Travis Kelce, TE
R4 (46) – Kenyan Drake, RB
R5 (51) – Robert Woods, WR
R6 (70) – Randall Cobb, WR
R7 (75) – Devin Funchess, WR
R8 (94) – Pierre Garcon, WR
R9 (99) – Ronald Jones II, RB
R10 (118) – Josh Doctson, WR
R11 (123) – Marqise Lee, WR
R12 (142) – Marcus Mariota, QB
R13 (147) – Alex Smith, QB
R14 (166) – Philadelphia, DEF
R15 (171) – Justin Tucker, K
R16 (190) – Jared Goff, QB

Comments: This team is certainly strong at the running back position while taking Elliott, Freeman and Drake with three of their first four picks. The third round choice was Travis Kelce, so Team 3 took the gamble in avoiding all of the top 30 wide receivers. They have depth at the position by promptly selecting Woods, Cobb, Funchess and Garcon quickly thereafter, but missing out on a steady, elite WR in this PPR league (three WR spots to fill) could hurt them in the long-run.

Grade: C

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TEAM 4: Bill Hankel
R1 (4) – David Johnson, RB
R2 (21) – Rob Gronkowski, TE
R3 (28) – Stefon Diggs, WR
R4 (45) – Brandin Cooks, WR
R5 (52) – Marvin Jones Jr, WR
R6 (69) – Carlos Hyde, RB
R7 (76) – Isaiah Crowell, RB
R8 (93) – Peyton Barber, RB
R9 (100) – Kelvin Benjamin, WR
R10 (117) – Jack Doyle, TE
R11 (124) – Matt Ryan, QB
R12 (141) – Ryan Grant, WR
R13 (148) – Austin Ekeler, RB
R14 (165) – Patrick Mahomes, QB
R15 (172) – Carolina, DEF
R16 (189) – Dan Bailey, K

Comments: I’m feeling this set of players. Team 4 has some nice balance with plenty of options to mix-and-match their roster on a weekly basis. There is no glaring weakness on their initial lineup while blending solid RBs and WRs in their first nine selections – not to mention the upside of Rob Gronkowski. While they don’t have the highest ceiling of any roster in this draft, Team 4 gives themselves a fighting chance to post solid production across the board week after week.

Grade: B+

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TEAM 5: Patrick Daugherty
R1 (5) – Saquon Barkley, RB
R2 (20) – Mike Evans, WR
R3 (29) – Tyreek Hill, WR
R4 (44) – Jarvis Landry, WR
R5 (53) – Lamar Miller, RB
R6 (68) – Mark Ingram, RB
R7 (77) – Jamaal Williams, RB
R8 (92) – Kenny Stills, WR
R9 (101) – David Njoku, TE
R10 (116) – Matthew Stafford, QB
R11 (125) – Tyler Eifert, TE
R12 (140) – Nick Chubb, RB
R13 (149) – Quincy Enunwa, WR
R14 (164) – Keelan Cole, WR
R15 (173) – New England, DEF
R16 (188) – Harrison Butker, K

Comments: I really like the blend of upside and security on this team. Snagging Saquon Barkley over Antonio Brown and Alvin Kamara certainly raised a few eyebrows, but they all have intriguing upside. Long story made short: I don’t have a problem with that move … Team 5 weaves the rest of their roster favorably while locking in three confident WRs (Evans, Hill, Landry) followed by a stable of running backs (Miller, Ingram, J.Williams). Waiting at QB (Stafford) and TE (Njoku) makes this a reality, and I don’t mind either of the picks at those respective positions. This is a solid all-around team.

Grade: A

TEAM 6: Scott Hogan
R1 (6) – Antonio Brown, WR
R2 (19) – Davante Adams, WR
R3 (30) – Zach Ertz, TE
R4 (43) – Derrick Henry, RB
R5 (54) – Rex Burkhead, RB
R6 (67) – Tevin Coleman, RB
R7 (78) – Chris Thompson, RB
R8 (91) – Chris Carson, RB
R9 (102) – Kenny Golladay, WR
R10 (115) – Cameron Meredith, WR
R11 (126) – Jimmy Garoppolo, QB
R12 (139) – Kirk Cousins, QB
R13 (150) – Geronimo Allison, WR
R14 (163) – Tre’Quan Smith, WR
R15 (174) – Houston, DEF
R16 (187) – Matt Prater, K

Comments: I love the start with Brown, Adams and Ertz – as that’s a beautiful PPR trio. Team 6 then decided to stack up on running backs (five in a row to be specific), and I would’ve liked to see them round-out the WR position somewhere in that run. Of course, it’s easy to second guess decisions in hindsight, but maybe snagging Edelman, Funchess, Cobb, R.Anderson or even K. Stills between picks 67-91 would have boosted this team. Then again, that’s just my personal preference; this team still has enough gusto to make a run.

Grade: B-

TEAM 7: Justin Shayota
R1 (7) – Alvin Kamara, RB
R2 (18) – A.J. Green, WR
R3 (31) – Josh Gordon, WR
R4 (42) – Aaron Rodgers, QB
R5 (55) – Marshawn Lynch, RB
R6 (66) – Will Fuller V, WR
R7 (79) – Trey Burton, TE
R8 (90) – Aaron Jones, RB
R9 (103) – Mike Williams, WR
R10 (114) – Ty Montgomery, RB
R11 (127) – D.J. Moore, WR
R12 (138) – Jordan Wilkins, RB
R13 (151) – Albert Wilson, WR
R14 (162) – Los Angeles Rams, DEF
R15 (175) – Greg Zuerlein, K
R16 (186) – Martavis Bryant, WR

Comments: Josh Gordon went slightly earlier than his ADP, and the success of this team will likely fall on his shoulders. For perspective, Gordon was selected ahead of Baldwin, Tate, M.Jones, Landry and A.Cooper … Team 7 was the first to select a quarterback, rolling with Aaron Rodgers in the fourth round. Where to select a QB is a matter of personal preference, but I tend to wait at that position – for example, Watson and Newton were taken in the 9th round … This team undeniably has upside, but there are too many “ifs” to have complete confidence moving into the season.

Grade: C

TEAM 8: Kyle Gamm
R1 (8) – Odell Beckham Jr, WR
R2 (17) – Dalvin Cook, RB
R3 (32) – Jerick McKinnon, RB
R4 (41) – Allen Robinson II, WR
R5 (56) – Michael Crabtree, WR
R6 (65) – Evan Engram, TE
R7 (80) – Cooper Kupp, WR
R8 (89) – Drew Brees, QB
R9 (104) – Jordy Nelson, WR
R10 (113) – Theo Riddick, RB
R11 (128) – C.J. Anderson, RB
R12 (137) – Michael Gallup, WR
R13 (152) – Calvin Ridley, WR
R14 (161) – Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE
R15 (176) – Pittsburgh, DEF
R16 (185) – Jake Elliott, K

Comments: This team is “just okay” from my perspective. I don’t see a tremendous amount of upside in the regular starters across the board. The success of Team 8 will likely rely on Jerick McKinnon reaching his true fantasy potential in San Francisco. That seems like too much of a risk/reward opportunity for the price – in my opinion – as we aren’t really sure of the RB’s role upon missing the preseason … I’m not seeing a ton of upside to lift this team through the fantasy playoffs.

Grade: C+

TEAM 9: Evan Silva
R1 (9) – DeAndre Hopkins, WR
R2 (16) – Melvin Gordon, RB
R3 (33) – Jordan Howard, RB
R4 (40) – Chris Hogan, WR
R5 (57) – Russell Wilson, QB
R6 (64) – Jimmy Graham, TE
R7 (81) – Sammy Watkins, WR
R8 (88) – Greg Olsen, TE
R9 (105) – Tyler Lockett, WR
R10 (112) – Corey Clement, RB
R11 (129) – Jacksonville, DEF
R12 (136) – Latavius Murray, RB
R13 (153) – Tyrell Williams, WR
R14 (160) – Adrian Peterson, RB
R15 (177) – Rod Smith, RB
R16 (184) – Chris Boswell, K

Comments: The boldest pick on this team came from drafting Chris Hogan well above his ADP in the fourth round. There’s certainly an opportunity for Hogan to pick up the slack in New England’s passing game, but keep in mind that Landry, Cooks. D.Thomas, Tate and M.Jones were still on the table at the time he was drafted … However, the inflection point of this team’s draft was in the fifth and sixth round, where they decided on Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham instead of investing in another WR or RB. Because of this, Team 9 will be looking towards breakouts from Watkins or Lockett as a WR3 to complete their weekly lineups. That’s not necessarily a bad position to serve as the primary critique of this roster.

Editor’s Note: Even Evan Silva himself agrees with the Russell Wilson comment, as that selection was made due to running out of time and receiving an auto-draft pick.

Grade: B+

TEAM 10: Craven Gardner
R1 (10) – Julio Jones, WR
R2 (15) – Christian McCaffrey, RB
R3 (34) – Alex Collins, RB
R4 (39) – JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR
R5 (58) – Emmanuel Sanders, WR
R6 (63) – Marquise Goodwin, WR
R7 (82) – Tarik Cohen, RB
R8 (87) – Nelson Agholor, WR
R9 (106) – Kyle Rudolph, TE
R10 (111) – Giovani Bernard, RB
R11 (130) – Philip Rivers, QB
R12 (135) – Ben Roethlisberger, QB
R13 (154) – Willie Snead IV, WR
R14 (159) – Corey Grant, RB
R15 (178) – Will Lutz, K
R16 (183) – Arizona, DEF

Comments: I’m backing this roster for the most part. There’s plenty of balance in the first five picks with breakout situations stemming from McCaffrey and JuJu in large part. I also like the value in taking reliable options in the later rounds like Rudolph (Rd 9), Rivers (Rd 11) and Roethlisberger (Rd 12). This allowed Team 10 to build a nice cast of RB and WR options while still holding onto steady, dependable fallbacks at QB and TE.

Grade: A-

TEAM 11: Nathan Biller
R1 (11) – Michael Thomas, WR
R2 (14) – Kareem Hunt, RB
R3 (35) – Doug Baldwin, WR
R4 (38) – Amari Cooper, WR
R5 (59) – Alshon Jeffery, WR
R6 (62) – Delanie Walker, TE
R7 (83) – Tom Brady, QB
R8 (86) – Sony Michel, RB
R9 (107) – Carson Wentz, QB
R10 (110) – Marlon Mack, RB
R11 (131) – DeVante Parker, WR
R12 (134) – Devontae Booker, RB
R13 (155) – Charles Clay, TE
R14 (158) – Dez Bryant, WR
R15 (179) – Los Angeles Chargers, DEF
R16 (182) – Matt Bryant, K

Comments: This is a pretty good team, but the glaring weakness comes at the RB2 spot. Team 11 is hoping Michel, Mack or Booker can fill that void. I would’ve liked to see them pass on Delanie Walker in round six, taking a running back here instead, then loop back around to Rudolph, Olsen or even Doyle a few rounds later … Other than that, I like how this team shakes out with Brady, Hunt, Thomas, Baldwin and Cooper leading the way.

Grade: B

TEAM 12: Raymond Summerlin
R1 (12) – Keenan Allen, WR
R2 (13) – Leonard Fournette, RB
R3 (36) – LeSean McCoy, RB
R4 (37) – Jay Ajayi, RB
R5 (60) – Dion Lewis, RB
R6 (61) – Robby Anderson, WR
R7 (84) – Duke Johnson Jr, RB
R8 (85) – James White, RB
R9 (108) – Sterling Shepard, WR
R10 (109) – Allen Hurns, WR
R11 (132) – Dede Westbrook, WR
R12 (133) – Andrew Luck, QB
R13 (156) – Hayden Hurst, TE
R14 (157) – Taywan Taylor, WR
R15 (180) – New Orleans, DEF
R16 (181) – Stephen Gostkowski, K

Comments: This team decided to build a stable of running backs, racking up six of them in the first eight rounds. As a result, they are left hoping Sterling Shepard, Dede Westbrook, Allen Hurns or Taywan Taylor can emerge as a credible WR3 pick … I’m not sure if it was 100% premeditated or not, but Team 12 decided to fall back on the breakout potential of QB Andrew Luck and TE Hayden Hurst. Either way, that’s not a bad strategy, as this team has some potential if one of the later-round receivers emerge.

Grade: B-

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