Criticism of Pittman is valid, but let the season play out

Through three games, it’s doubtful even the most ardent Razorback homer is satisfied with how the team has looked.

Arkansas struggled to run the ball on FCS Western Carolina, was even worse against Kent State and then was completely undisciplined and lost to a BYU team it was clearly better than talent-wise.

You are what your record says you are is the old Bill Parcells adage, and Sam Pittman’s record is hovering around .500 right now (21-18).

With four extremely difficult games coming up, and a bye week not on the horizon until October 28, the going is fixing to get tough.

Pittman is a good man. He’s likeable, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he’s been around the block. He knows what it takes.

That being said, this team isn’t passing the eye test. Since the beginning of November last year, Arkansas is 4-4 with embarrassing losses to Liberty (yes, I know they were ranked) and BYU, a loss to a mediocre Missouri team and a bowl game victory over a mediocre Kansas team where the Razorbacks blew a 24-point second half lead and had to win in triple overtime.

Not the stuff of a contender. May not even be enough to get bowl eligible. The offensive line is a mess, which is supposed to be Pittman’s strength both as a coach and as a recruiter.

Because of that, KJ doesn’t have enough time to read his progressions in the pass game, and they can’t get the running game untracked consistently.

On defense, they’re having to be on the field way more than they should be because of the offensive struggles.

There is still time, however, to rescue the season. All hope is not lost. The SEC has looked like a mess outside of Georgia and LSU, and the Tigers already have a loss and Georgia struggled mightily with South Carolina.

Alabama has quarterback issues. Ole Miss is dealing with off-field stuff. A&M could always implode. Mississippi State looks less than formidable.

The sky isn’t falling.

Sam Pittman has work to do, though, to get himself back in good graces with the fan base.

Story originally appeared on Razorbacks Wire