Cris Cyborg Dismantles Tonya Evinger; Claims Her Featherweight Title at UFC 214

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Cris Cyborg Dismantles Tonya Evinger; Claims Her Featherweight Title at UFC 214
Cris Cyborg Dismantles Tonya Evinger; Claims Her Featherweight Title at UFC 214

Cris “Cyborg” Justino finally laid claim to the division that was created for her, as she laid out Tonya Evinger at UFC 214 on Saturday night in Anaheim, Calif.

Cyborg made her way to the Octagon, a cross hanging around her neck, already looking like she had the championship belt around her waist, wearing the confidence of being the greatest female fighter on the planet. She only had to step in the cage and prove it one more time to the world… and that she did.


It was clear from the opening bell what each woman wanted to do. Evinger wanted to clinch and wear on Cyborg in hopes of getting her to the canvas. Cyborg, meanwhile, wanted to use her jab and attack Evinger’s lead leg with inside kicks in an attempt to set up the knockout blow. 

Evinger was successful pulling Cyborg to the canvas early in the fight, but she couldn’t mount much offense beyond that, as Cyborg quickly regained her footing each time.

Cyborg, however, established her jab early and landed numerous inside kicks to Evinger’s lead leg, which quickly took any steam out of her takedown attempts.

As the opening round wore on, Cyborg ramped up her offense, mixing in a heavy dose of hard right hands and knees to the body.

What she established by the end of the first round, Cyborg continued throughout round two. She continued picking apart Evinger’s lead leg and began landing more and more of her power shots with the right hand and right head kick.

Every time Evinger attempted a takedown, Cyborg shut her down, making her pay with hard follow-up shots.

It didn’t take long in the third round for Cyborg to set the conclusion of the fight in motion. She opened with a big right hand and head kick that visibly rocked Evinger. The Invicta FC bantamweight champion tried to keep it together and fight back, but Cyborg smelled blood and swarmed her opponent.

Another right hand and head kick sent Evinger briefly to the canvas, but she regained her footing, trying to remain in the fight. 

A few more kicks to Evinger’s lead leg and Cyborg had her going backward. She leaped in with a superman punch that only partially landed, but what followed finished the fight.

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Cyborg pushed Evinger’s head down and drove several knees into her face, dropping her to the canvas. She landed a couple hammerfists for good measure before the referee could stop the fight. 

Cyborg turned and walked away, her arms raised in victory, knowing that finally the UFC featherweight belt would be wrapped around her waist. 

It was the culmination of years of hard work and struggle, but Cyborg promised it was only the beginning.

“I don’t have the words to say, I just want to say thanks… Cyborg Nation forever,” she said, addressing her fans.

“I’m really happy to be a world champion and this is the perfect time because I am at the top of my career now.

“I’m gonna make great fights inside this Octagon. I am just beginning.”

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