CrimsonCast Ep. 513 - Football Changes And Basketball Media Day

CrimsonCast, Staff
The Hoosier


Galen and Scott match up for a combo football/basketball podcast, and there's a lot to talk about, starting with a focus on the Penn State game and whether the performance was disappointing, expected, or both. They move on to talking about the change in starting quarterback (19:25), whether it was the right time, and what it will mean moving forward. They then switch to basketball, and start off with a conversation about the FBI investigation into the NCAA, what to expect out of it, and what might change as a result. The final segment focuses entirely on Indiana basketball (49:15), as we talk about Media Day reaction, how the individual pieces of the IU roster might improve, how Archie Miller is getting back to basics, and why preseason prognostications for this team might be so low.

Listen to the full podcast in the embedded media player below.


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