Creative mocktails for 'Dry January'

If you’re doing a Dry January and abstaining from alcohol this month, here are five creative mocktail recipes to keep you “mock”-upied!. 1. Immune defense blueberry pomegranate fizz mocktail. This tasty mocktail packs an immune-boosting punch. 2. Ginger lemon mocktail. Enjoy the power of lemon and ginger in the form of a mocktail. 3. Thyme and blackberry mocktail. This mocktail is “berry” refreshing. 4. Grapefruit and rosemary mocktail. What sweeter way to celebrate Dry January than with this grapefruit and rosemary mocktail?. 5. Ginger ‘no-jito’ mocktail. This mocktail is perfect if you’re not a big fan of fruity drinks

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