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Creative agency reveals how they really shoot food commercials

Toronto creative agency Label 428 specializes in making food look its best for advertisements, social media content and food photography.

The company’s TikTok label428 gives behind the scenes looks at what actually goes down in all those mouthwatering, delectable food images. Sometimes it takes a little off-screen magic to get the perfect shot.

Take one of its buffalo wings commercials for example. A worker on set holds a tray of wings while standing over tableware. He slams the wings down and they fall onto a white plate on a table mat. But when the commercial is edited, that’s not what the viewer sees. The end result is a few yummy wings falling onto a set table in slow motion.

Label428 even showed how they got a winning Coca-Cola ad. Various soda bottles from the company roll across a table toward a camera. For another scene, three Coke bottles are pulled across the table using small strings. The final ad shows each soda roll towards the camera and fall away off-screen so that viewers can see each label. The next shot shows the three bottles moving across the screen with the strings totally invisible.

To get the perfect footage for a wafer commercial, Label 428 uses a probe lens to get super close to the product. The video shows the long, skinny camera gliding over rows of wafer cookies. As the camera moves, someone drizzles chocolate syrup and coconut flakes over the treats. The finished product is a more intimate view of the wafers, making each look mountainous in size as huge globs of topping fall from above to coat them.

Label 428 shows it takes a lot of extra work to make the foods we love really seeing on television.

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