Create-a-Caption: ‘Yo, Truth … you OK?’

Ball Don't Lie

Like, it's no big deal. Kevin Garnett's just a little worried, that's all. I know, I know, your per-minute scoring and rebounding numbers are the highest they've been in a half-dozen years, you're still draining 3-pointers ... you're still the man. We know.

It's just ... well, y'know. And also ... y'know. Everything all right at home? You been sleeping? Diet OK? Listen, if there's anything KG can do around the locker room to help out, just let him know. If there's one thing the Boston Celtics do, it's take care of their own ... even to their detriment. Just give a shout if you need anything, y'hear?

Best caption wins a tetanus shot. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Kobe Bryant just needs us to use our indoor voices and play quietly for a bit.

Winner, Shah: "Let me know when Dwight is done shooting his free throws."

Runner-up, JCC: Kobe uses the team's new anti-death stare towels to protect Mike D'Antoni.

Second runner-up, Brandon Morton: "Mamba out."

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