Create-a-Caption: ‘Yep, I see it — there it goes’

OK, LeBron James — spotting the lead is a good start, for sure. But what you're really looking to do is hang on to the lead, and keep it from getting away in the first place. Once you get that part down, everything else'll be cream cheese and jelly.

Best caption wins fresh carrots for great eyesight and a healthy start to your weekend. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Chris Bosh has some possessiveness issues.


Winner, Tyler: Chris Bosh takes time during Game 1 of the NBA Finals to deliver a very important public service message, demonstrating the correct way to administer the self-Heimlich maneuver using his natural surroundings.

Runner-up, Mr. Jones: Deleted scene from the NBA's "talking basketball" commercials: Chris Bosh and Spalding share an "intimate" moment.

Second runner-up, Isaac M: Bosh, mishearing a teammate's joke, flops "like a bass."

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