Create-a-Caption: Yao Ming and a herd of reporters bathe themselves in sad irony

"OK, who's next in front of the 'IRONMAN' sign? Oden or Bowie? No, it's definitely one of them; we already did Roy, and Jon Bender comes in tomorrow. C'mon, guys, we don't have all night."

Best caption wins Shatner doing Sabbath. Good luck.

In our last adventure: The Atlanta Hawks like to look at late-game strategy through a different lens.

Winner, Robert C: Coach Larry Drew: "All right, Joe. [draws two circles] This is your butt; this is a hole in the ground. Where's your butt?"

Joe Johnson: [points at one of the circles]

Drew: "Good Lord, Joe. That's why I'm the one that draws on the board."

Runner-up, Adam: Johnson: "I think you left a couple of zeroes out in my contract, coach."

Drew: "This is our lunch menu, Joe."

Second runner-up, Johnny: Johnson: "If I move here, then you must crown me."

Drew: "This is not checkers."

Rest of the team: "Here we go again."

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