Create-a-Caption: Willie Green would rather be anywhere else in the world …

Ball Don't Lie

... and considering he's getting housed in mid-air by a sweaty Al-Farouq Aminu, who's still in good position to get a decent shot off despite ostensibly Thesz pressing the Los Angeles Clippers guard, I really can't blame him. This is probably not one of Willie Green's career highlights. (Although, when you consider Willie Green's career, it might not be as far from the top as you'd think.)

Speaking of "think," what do you think is going through ol' Willie's head here? Best caption wins a nice, long, calming and cleansing bath to wash the New Orleans Hornets swingman clean off of you. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Jamal Crawford and Billy Crystal are best friends, and the new "City Slickers" is going to be amazing.

Winner, Mak: Crawford: "What's up, Billy? Been a fan of you since 'Space Jam.'"

Crystal: "That was Bill Murray, man."

Crawford: "Sorry, bro. I meant 'Groundhog Day.'"

Crystal: "That was also Bill Murray."

Crawford: "Eeehr ... gotta go, man. Good luck with that 'Ghostbusters' reunion."

Runner-up, Azv321: "I mean, I really appreciate the offer to be in your movie, Mr. Crystal, but not only does the idea for 'Forget Paris 2: Back in the Habit' sound pretty terrible, the title doesn't even make sense. Maybe you should talk to Kareem again."

Second runner-up, ManBearPig: "Hey, don't tell anyone I said this, but I thought you and Gheorghe Muresan killed it in 'My Giant.'"

NOTE: We all thought that, Jamal. No reason to pretend otherwise.

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