Create-a-Caption: That wasn't a Raisinet, Kobe Bryant

Matt Barnes(notes) had his pet mouse, Randy Mouse, out on the court before the game. I'm not saying; I'm just saying.

Best caption wins a mouthful of Scope. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Ted Leonsis bends Magic's ear.

Winner, moondebah: Ted (barely audible): "You know, if you hunch just a little bit more, you'd look like a Ninja Turtle."

Magic: "What was that?"

Ted: "Nothing, Donatello."

Runner-up, Antonio Banderas: Ted: "I think for all of my teams, we need new arenas."

Magic: "New Arenas? If you spend that much, you might hit the Wall!"

NOTE: More like "Des-PUN-rado," amirite?

Second runner-up, Jeffrey: "Hey, want some donuts after this? If we win, it's on me."

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