Create-a-Caption: The Washington Wizards’ coaches are very impressed with you

Hey there, friend. You're doing a great job. Look how happy you're making Washington Wizards interim head coach Randy Wittman! He can't help it; he's just got to sit there and smile, because you're doing so well. And assistant coach Don Zierden, on the right there — well, he can hardly believe what he's seeing! Just pleased as punch to watch you work, and very, very impressed. That's got to be a nice feeling as you head into the weekend.

Unfortunately, because we're seeing their reaction, we're not seeing what you're doing. What's got the Wizmasters so impressed? Best caption wins a lot of information about Impressive, the horse that changed the halter-horse world forever, apparently. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Deron Williams can't believe he is the latest victim of referee Jason Phillips' brazen in-game stick-up artistry.

Winner, JakeVozquel: "I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the ref-er-ee."

Runner-up, Azv321: Referee Jason Phillips: "Simon says: 'Open your mouth.'"

(Deron Williams opens his mouth)

Phillips: "Simon says: 'Take out your mouth guard.'"

(Williams takes out his mouth guard)

Phillips: "Raise the roof!"

(Williams raises the roof)

Phillips: "Ah, ah, ah! I didn't say 'Simon says!'"

Second runner-up, Sean: Deron Williams is constantly frustrated by NBA referees' inability to hit the high notes.

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