Create-a-Caption: ‘What do you want me to tell you?’

Ball Don't Lie

Rick Carlisle's tried grossing out his Dallas Mavericks, threatening them with suspensions, grossing them out again ... man, he's tried everything.

Nothing seemed to be working for his slumping Dallas Mavericks ... until he suggested Vince Carter just go stand near DeMarcus Cousins for a second and see what happened. Game, Mavericks. Classic coaching, Rick.

Before that, though, Uncle Ricky sure seemed to be at a loss. What do you think had him so vexed? Best caption wins some appropriately named Dayton, Ohio-based pop rock. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Back before he was a flagrant victim, Vince Carter smiled at referee Eli Roe in a way that seemed unsettling to me, and as a result, I made a joke about it. Was that too on-the-nose?

Winner, Capn_Stache: Roe: "... once we cleaned up the blood, and the hair, it looked much better."

Carter (thinking): "Just keep smiling and laughing. Don't show fear."

Runner-up, The Devil: "I think I chipped a tooth. What do you think? I think I did. I can feel it. Well, going to have to miss some games. Rick!"

Second runner-up, Paolo: Roe: "... and then Blake said he was the best dunker of all time."

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