Create-a-Caption: Wake up, J.J. Hickson

Seriously, J.J. Hickson. Derrick Williams is flying through the air about four inches to your left, and you are sound asleep. I don't even understand how that is possible! There are so many people in the building — surely some of their conversation is stimulating enough to keep you awake.

Oh, wait, did you stay up all night watching the rest of the first season of "Game of Thrones" so you'd be ready for the Season 2 premiere too? OK, then. Don't worry. I totally get it.

Best caption wins the Iron Throne the Stallion who will mount the world a blade of Valyrian steel something not fantasy/forest-related that you can talk about with your father-in-law, maybe? Good luck.

In our last adventure: Kobe and Derek, still pallin' around.

Winner, Russell S: Kobe Bryant: "OK, Phase One of Operation: Thunderkill is complete! You made the team ... now remember, what's Phase Two?"

Derek Fisher: "Fax the Thunder playbook to you and sow suspicion and mistrust in the locker room as needed."

Bryant: "That's right! Now, are you ready to be demolished?"

Fisher: "You know it, Mamba!"

Runner-up, Give_and_go: Bryant: "Fish, gimme the ball!"

Fisher: "Game's over, Kobe. Plus I'm on the other team now."

Bryant: "So?"

Fisher: "So I don't have to give you the ball anymore."

Bryant: "Hahaha. Seriously, though. Gimme the ball, Fish."

Second runner-up, JakeVozquel: "Mr. Fisher, your Hoveround is waiting behind the bench, like usual."

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