Create-a-Caption: The visible rage of victory, the internalized rage of defeat

There's a yin-and-yang element to this, right? Ivan Johnson's explosion contrasted with Metta World Peace's faux placidity? The intense appreciation of winning compared to the roiling angst of losing a winnable game? Or am I just looking for connections in all things because it's a Friday afternoon and I'd like to believe that we're all in this together, and that existence means something?

Yeah, you're probably right. Ivan Johnson probably just loved D-Generation X growing up.

Best caption wins a whole mess of Canadians singing about being connected. Good luck.

In our last adventure: My colleague Eric Freeman thinks Mark Cuban would've been great on "The Marriage Ref" — I only wish we'd gotten a chance to see it.

Winner, IN: Cuban: "I have a fantastic idea for a show. A team wins an NBA championship and then does nothing."

Runner-up, Mark M: Mark Cuban explains why Jerry Seinfeld should be amnestied.

Second runner-up, JakeVozquel: "And what's the deal with NBA fines? I mean, if everything is fine, why do you need my 500K?"

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