Create-a-Caption: Vinny Del Negro hates everything

I mean, I had a tough time watching the Los Angeles Clippers get destroyed by the Indiana Pacers last night, so I can only imagine how tough it was for Vinny Del Negro on the sidelines. He probably felt like he had an enormous headache in his eye the whole time. Tracy McGrady(notes), I'm sure, can sympathize.

Best caption wins a soothing visit from "Kurt" Hinrich. Good luck.

In our last adventure: The Atlanta Hawks get all Swedish Raekwon on us.

Winner, Mr: "We can't all dress like Kid; someone HAS to look like Play."

Runner-up, Fanta Pants (greatest name ever): Josh Smith(notes) looks at Zaza's head in a hat, realizes he shouldn't have eaten all those mushrooms.

Second runner-up, The Football God: I guess the guy that sprays "dunce" was off today.


Michael C: Atlanta Hawks stars take second jobs to help pay for Joe Johnson's contract.

allidoiswin3: All Joe Johnson can make is macaroni and cheese, but he is still the highest paid chef.

James: The Hawks can give Joe a $123 million contract but can't afford to buy Josh Smith a better-fitting hat.

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