Create-a-Caption: ‘Vengeance is mine,’ quoth Alvis

So, we tried something a little bit different for Thursday's Create-a-Caption.

After Thursday morning's post on James Harden's inadvertent "remember me?" elbow on Metta World Peace during Wednesday night's Western Conference semifinal contest between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Lakers drew a fair bit of interest, we decided to ask followers of the Yahoo! Sports Facebook page and @YahooSports Twitter account for their captions on the above photo of the aftermath, just to expand the C-a-C studio space a bit. And we got some good ones, too. Like, for example:

Ryan S.: ‎"Anything you can do, I CAN DO BETTER!"

Melissa S.: "And the Thunder rolls ... through a jaw or two!"

Alex B.: ‎"Damn, James, what's that nasty smell coming outta your beard?"

Thayer L.: "If you had a beard like mine, that wouldn't have hurt."

And so on.

Now, listen. I know some of you longtime C-a-C'ers, who have fought through my grading and layout changes and the capriciousness of the Y! commenting system, might find this untoward. Unfair. Unruly. Unkempt. Unclean. Unctuous. Uncy Herb.


I know you guys have some ideas that you're just itching to let fly on this one. AND I know you're still driven by the thrill of victory and terrified by the agony of an elbow in the nose.

So let's hear it. How would you caption this photo, dear readers? Caption wins a beautiful tale on a lovely winter's night.

In our last adventure: Coach Del Negro can't even find the knobs on this Etch-a-Sketch.

Winner, Thanatos: "Did I really draw this play up with a flop in there?"

Runner-up, Dago: "OK, if I put an X over here ... no, he'll get three in a row here. So I have to put an X over here ... wait ... he gets three in a way over there. Dammit, Chauncey, you got me again!"

Second runner-up, RLA 21: "E = MC ... wait. CP3 + BG dunks = job security for 1 more year. But CP3 - (signed extension next year) = Bobcats job in 2013. Where's that 'Coaching for Dummies' gag gift the Internet sent me?"