Create-a-Caption: ‘Uh oh …’

Just be cool, Shawn Marion. Nobody's looking. Nobody knows it was you. You're golden ... so long as you stop making that "I hope nobody looks at me and figures out it was me" face. That's a dead giveaway right there.

What's got Marion worried? Best caption wins a dog's poker face. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Run, Jub-Jub! RUN!


Winner, Adam: *splat*

Runner-up, Dane H: Pekovic starts using dirty tactics in a hold-your-breath contest against Barea.

Second runner-up, Bob: "Do you not remember, J.J.? If you hit him in the belly, he stick out his tongue. If you hit him and he block then he hit you like this. A good game, that 'Super Punch-Outing.'"

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