Create-a-Caption: ‘UGH, ALL RIGHT COACH, FINE, GOSH’

Maybe give Kyle Lowry some space, Kevin McHale. I don't think he's hearing you right now. ... No, I know, you're only trying to help him, but kids can be tough at that age. Yeah, no, 26 is totally a weird age.

It's definitely not that you're talking about how much better a show "Murphy Brown" was than today's critics give it credit for being. Sometimes young people just aren't ready to "talk" about Frank Fontana's chops as an investigative reporter. It's not you, but maybe, also, it's not now, y'know? Give it a sec, huh?

Best caption wins a chance to "like" the Facebook page of Joe Regalbuto, who played Frank Fontana on "Murphy Brown." Give coach McHale a break and show him that you care, huh? Good luck.

In our last adventure: Dwyane Wade's doing some next-lev flopping, y'all. Get up on this like your name is Jensen Karp.

Winner, Vaffanculo: If you thought the Howard-Van Gundy argument was bad, you should see the make-up.

Runner-up, The Coffee Machine: Wade gets a brain freeze after watching C.J. Watson ice the game.

Second runner-up, JakeVozquel: Dwyane Wade can't even watch as Joel Anthony tries to shoot free throws.

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