Create-a-Caption: Toney Douglas hates butts

Credit Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics coaching staff for making sure that Rajon Rondo knew about Toney Douglas' crippling phobia and was prepared to exploit it on the offensive end. That's just sharp preparation. Championship status.

Best caption wins a feeling of discomfort that you just can't hide. Good luck.

In our last adventure: "Hands up / Baby, hands up / Gimme your heart / Gimme, gimme your heart / Gimme, gimme."


Winner, Rccostner: While most people took a minute to ponder the mid-game trivia question, "Which NBA team is continually falling short of their potential in the playoffs?", a few people were eager to submit an answer.

Runner-up, Mr. Jones: Fifteen fingers in the air, and not a single one with a ring on it.

Second runner-up, Dan Meisler: Everyone who thinks Cuban is drinking vodka, raise your hand.

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