Create-a-Caption: 'I throw my hands up in the air sometimes'

The Charlotte Bobcats are 9-6 since Paul Silas took the terrible coaching job in the Queen City, which is pretty good, considering they were 9-19 when he replaced Larry Brown. But even when things are mostly good, bad stuff can happen. You can lose Tyrus Thomas(notes) for two months, or see D.J. Augustin(notes) hit the deck with an ankle injury, or watch Boris Diaw(notes) imperiously devour a whole roasted wild boar. And when it all gets to be too much, coach Silas just has to smile, laugh it off and get his Taio Cruz on. Just like the rest of us.

What has coach Silas tossing his hands up this time? Best caption wins the gentle smile and firm guidance of a trusted mentor. Good luck.

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Winner, Patrick: Kevin Love(notes): "I'm telling you, man, E.T. used his index, not his thumb."

Michael Beasley(notes): "OK, well, even if that's true, you gotta admit, I got the E.T. look DOWN."

Love: "Yeah, you definitely got some alien thing going on there. More Predator than E.T., I'd say."

Beasley: "Beasley phone hoooommeee."

Runner-up, derosco inyoface: We know you're our representative and all, Miss Bachmann, but the camera isn't over there. NOTE: Topical zing that's less about politics than it is about glances!

Second runner-up, Russell F: Beasley: "All I gotta do is go over to that table and they'll let me back in the game?"

Love: "That's the secret, Mike. Just go right over there. Don't talk to anyone. And don't tell Coach where you learned this secret."

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