Create-a-Caption: Team USA is heavily favored in synchronized yelling

And Carlos Delfino is freakin' spooked.

Best caption wins a vociferous reminder that it is time to go to work, thanks to the Denver Nuggets' coaching staff. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Team USA assistant Nate McMillan wants you to get out of here, Tyson Chandler.

Winner, Larry B: To keep things fun in a blowout 4th quarter, Team USA likes to play a game of "Find John Stockton." (He blends in very well.)

Runner-up, The Devil: Nate McMillan: "That is NOT Kevin Love playing for Lithuania!"

Tyson Chandler: "It's a white guy with a beard wearing number 11. Who else could it be?"

McMillan: "The roster says Linas Kleiza."

Chandler: "Oh sure, coach. 'Linas Kleiza.' Same initials, just backwards. You can't fool me."

Second runner-up, Mark M: Tyson Chandler and Nate McMillan discuss basic defensive schemes. Mike D'Antoni has no idea what they are talking about.

A Special Commendation In Ruling, Expelliarmus Division, goes to longtime C-a-C-er Azv321 for this Hogwarts-inspired entry:

McMillan: "Tyson, I'm telling you, it's through that wall."

Chandler: "No way. I am not taking *my* clothes trunk and *my* owl and running my cart into a wall to board some train that doesn't exist."

McMillan: "Fine. You want to miss the train? So be it. I'm leaving in 10."

D'Antoni: "Guys, do you think they have pasties on the train?"

Krzyzewski: [Doesn't say anything because he's actually a boggart.]

Congratulations, Azv321, for making me think about Harry Potter for the first time since the Opening Ceremony. Also, for what I assume was a typo that, coming out of the mouth of Mike D'Antoni, made me laugh for about an hour.

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