Create-a-Caption: These tag exhibitions are getting really serious

I applaud your effort, Argentinian national squad player Federico Kammerichs. Sometimes you have to be willing to lay out to make that all-important contact, and the truly savvy players remember that competitors' feet remain in play at all times during live tag matches. When you're dealing with a player as quick as Chris Paul, you need to use every available advantage ... and even then, as we see here, it's not quite enough. Still, we can leave tag of the laser variety to those Area 55 heathens — give me the pure hand-to-foot combat of classic physical tag any day.

(Also, I'd like to thank colleague Eric Freeman for suggesting that the big, awkward-looking bearded dude who got dropped to the deck when CP3 blew past reminded him of me. As you all know, I too give it my all and still manage to flail about spasmodically on a regular basis, so I think Eric might be on to something here.)

Best caption wins the last desperate bastion of most failed taggers. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Kevin Durant and Chris Paul always buy a program because they like to keep score.

Winner, Kernst: Chris Paul: "Is that how you spell basquetball?"

Kevin Durant: "I don't know. I'll cheque."

Runner-up, Larry B.: "Hey Kevin, you can't read that. It says, 'For British Eyes Only.'"

Second runner-up, Chip: Chris Paul approves of Kevin Durant's "Hide the Playboy Inside the Program" trick.

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