Create-a-Caption: Sweet dreams, J.R. Smith

Ball Don't Lie

Awwwwww. Look at 'im. Look at J.R. Smith. He's plum tuckered, is what he is. Bet he barely got any sleep on that long flight to Shanghai. Who could blame him? Getting to go become a member of the Zhejiang Chuzhou Professional Basketball Club ... well, that's pretty exciting! I bet he could scarcely stay in his seat, thinking about all the jumpers. Could you?

But, well, you know J.R. Sometimes he gets a little too excitable, and sometimes he wears himself out, and sometimes he winds up taking naps at ... well, not the best times. Like in the middle of a possession drawn up for someone else, for example, or on defense, for another f'r-instance. Or when he's supposed to arrive and meet the adoring Zhejiang public. Not ideal, you'd say.

You should probably wake him up. He's got a lot of interviews to do. What, me? No, sir. Look how cute. I could never. OK, five more minutes. Let's enjoy these moments. They grow up so fast, y'know.

What do you think J.R.'s dreaming about? Best caption wins the greatest lullaby ever written. Good luck.

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Winner, Perron: Kid in the front row: "This halftime show is lame. I was hoping for the girl on the unicycle with all of the bowls on her head."

Runner-up, Joshua B: Brian Scalabrine's attempt at guarding a spin move proved to be ineffective, as did Brian Cardinals attempt at a crossover.

Second runner-up, Roger Mason Jr. = Hero: "Guys, I don't care how tall you are, I'm not — repeat, NOT — greenlighting 'The Human Arachnid,' OK?"

NOTE: You blew it, Faceless Hollywood Executive. Could have had an athlete-led franchise that eventually inspired unique pumpkin-carvings on your hands.

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