Create-a-Caption: Super teamwork, DeAndre Jordan

Ensuring that teammates don't fall and injure their heads, wrists or already-less-than-100-percent knees after standing on their hands in the hallway before a basketball game shows how much you care, DeAndre Jordan(notes). The hardscrabble coaches of days of yore/thunder would call that, if not "a championship move," then at least a "trying to make a madcap dash for an eighth seed move." Great job.

Best caption wins a thought-provoking exploration of the trust fall. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Big ups to Luis Scola for taking an Excel course at the Learning Annex.

Winner, give_and_go: University of Houston students Brody Jenkins, Lisa Gonzales and Angela Kim each pull a Luis Scola(notes) wig from the box shown in order to check their email in the "You Can Only Check Your Email In This Lab If You Wear A Luis Scola Wig" Computer Lab.

Runner-up, Bakes B: I don't want to talk to you, Luis. Yes, yes, yes, even if you can do all 32 accents. I want to talk to someone working stateside, thank you. NOTE: Outsourced call center zing!

Second runner-up, joaoramosclemente: Internet: So easy, a Luis Scola could do it.

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