Create-a-Caption: Stephen Curry 'logs on'

"Wow, Dizzy Gillespie's birthday. That's pretty neat. ... Bob Guccione, huh? Bummer. ... Man, this Wayne Rooney situation, I tell you what."

See, I think Stephen Curry's(notes) checking out the trending topics on popular social networking site I mean, why else would he be chilling on a laptop while laying on the floor with his legs on a yoga mat? There's no time to get comfortable when you have to know what's making waves on the Internet. It's a right-now-no-matter-what-is-under-your-legs-type of situation.

But what do you think the Golden State Warriors point guard is doing? Best caption wins the Internet. Good luck.

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Winner, Concrete: Knicks Bench: "Man, he just does not get that Kids in the Hall 'I'm Squishing Your Head' Sketch."

"I just hope he doesn't do his Chicken Lady."

Runner-up, Mike: DG: "So, you a left a two-time MVP in Phoenix to come to New York to play with me?!?"

AS: "Sure did!"

DG: "You know, these frontal lobotomy scars are hardly even noticeable."

Second runner-up, half40ozhalfman: "Wow, it does feel like Velcro."

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