Create-a-Caption: Sound defense, Mario Chalmers

"Oh, no, you don't, Rajon Rondo! I won't be in your poster — you're not going to gently lay it up on ME!" — Mario Chalmers, probably.

This was basically the only bad defensive possession Miami had on Monday night. Photographers always know how to get your bad side, huh?

Best caption wins a really nice Roy Orbison song, which it took me a long time to like because as a lad I got scared every time I saw Roy Orbison, because I thought he was Doctor Octopus. A joke, a song and a Dan fact! Man, I'm good to you guys.

Good luck.

In our last adventure: LeBron James is taunted by an Indiana Pacers fan wielding an inflatable pink flamingo. No, seriously, that's a literal description of this photograph.

Winner, Jeffrey B. The monkey on LeBron's back needs a companion.

Runner-up, The Devil "No, Jim, I told you, it's Ron Artest who hates pink flamingos! For Lebron, you're 'sposed to use a red-throated warbler. Get it right."

Second runner-up, Joel Fraternity initiation rituals.

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