Create-a-Caption: Smiling is Russell Westbrook's favorite

You know how everyone loves the Oklahoma City Thunder so much right now that it's literally (figuratively) making hearts burst all across this great nation? Well, chalk up another victim, because Russell Westbrook(notes) laughed so hard at this young fan's joke during the Thunder Rally season kickoff event at MidFirst Bank in Oklahoma City, Okla., on Saturday that he surely caused an eager, wide-eyed ventriclesplosion. Every day, it's something new and wholesome with these characters, I swear.

Best caption wins a lifetime supply of lessons in how to laugh. Good luck.

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Winner, coach paul: Attention Rockets fans: At each home game this season, one lucky spectator will have a chance to win $10,000 by tossing a gummy bear from the rafters into the mouth of your favorite Rockets player. Get your game tickets now: 1-800-ROC-KETS.

Runner-up, NorCalJon: "Me. Chunk. Friend."

Second runner-up, Russell S: Fearing an impending lockout after the season, Yao Ming(notes) agrees to help his Rockets teammates explore their career fallback plans by letting them practice performing an unnecessary root canal.

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