Create-a-Caption: Smilin’ Steve Nash takes in a hockey game

Confession time: When I saw this picture on Y! brother blog Puck Daddy this morning, I knew I had to use it. Steve Nash, beaming bright, holding a cold one, waving a towel at a Vancouver Canucks game? C'mon. It's like sunlight and Vitamin C; it makes you feel too goodnot to use it.

But there's not really a whole lot of "there" there — I mean, it's the Phoenix Suns star in the stands at a hockey game. Not exactly news of earth-shattering import; not like the kind of news we normally cover here at BDL. (By the way, you're up to speed on the whole "Kevin Durant's backpack" situation, right? Yes? OK, great.)

So, despite it not seeming like the same level of springboard to hilarity as other C-a-C pics, since there's not necessarily a proper home for a photo that literally cures small afflictions (NOTE: not literally), I'm using it here. If the sight of Steve Nash being happy, Canadian and awesome inspires jokes in you, then by all means, share them below. If not, just open up your heart and let this sunshine in.

We've been burning the C-a-C candle at both ends for months now, gang. One day of just letting a two-time NBA MVP smile at us might do us some good.

Best caption wins the realization that we're all already winners. (Thanks for the confidence boost, Steve!) Good luck.

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Winner, Robert C: In a bit of foreshadowing, James Harden shows that the Oklahoma City Thunder were just blowing smoke the first half of Game 1.

Runner-up, J-Rod: James Harden's beard whispers instructions to James Harden's hand during Tuesday's loss at the Dallas Mavericks.

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