Create-a-Caption: Shooting on ’21 Jumper Street’ is going great

I'll admit, I was skeptical about this project at first, but after Carmelo Anthony came in on the first day of shooting with that jean jacket blarin' and ready to go, I knew he was serious about giving a respectful reboot to Johnny Depp's turn as Officer Tom Hanson. And if this goes as well as we're all expecting it to, I think the "Booker" spinoff sequel has worlds of potential. Seriously: Al Harrington is Grieco as HELL.

Best caption wins 10 minutes of figuring out who'll play the Peter DeLuise role it's Josh McRoberts, move along. Good luck.

In our last adventure: I will buy every WWE pay-per-view for the next 10 years if that organization unites Jesse Ventura and Kevin Garnett as a tag team called either The Totally Normal Brothers or Obvs Besties Duh-Point-0.


Winner, Duh Digga: Jesse Ventura and Kevin Garnett trade stories about the good old days. Most of the stories are about guys they elbowed in the head when the ref wasn't looking.

Runner-up, Jones6: Kevin Garnett is all smiles after his recent Viagra endorsement deal.

NOTE: Don't be like KG and Larry David, gentlemen. Be aware of the bunch so you can AVOID the bunch.

Second runner-up, FunmiT: Garnett: "Thirty more seconds of smiling, then we Glen Davis this Bruno Mars wannabe."

Ventura:"Let's do it, big man."

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