Create-a-Caption: Sad Hornets are sad

As Papa Dwyer noted in Thursday's BtB, the New Orleans Hornets didn't have a great night on Wednesday, and the faces of Marcus Thornton(notes) and Chris Paul(notes) stand as a testament to that fact. Or maybe they don't. Maybe the Bugs' sour mugs point to something different entirely.

What do you think is bumming CP3 and Lil' Buckets out? Best caption wins a slice of happiness pie (NOTE: one instance of PG-13 language if you follow that link). Good luck.

In our last adventure: LeBron and Spike have a pow-wow.

Winner, indeedproceed: Spike Lee: "LeBron! LeBron! There's no time to explain, but I'm from the future! I've come back to tell you --"

LeBron James(notes): "You look like Spike Lee."

Spike: "No, see, in the future, you play for the Knicks, so everyone looks like Spike Lee, because everyone loves you and never disagrees with anything you say or do."

LeBron: "Go on ..."

Runner-up, Mad D: Spike: "Since you didn't come to the Knicks, I decided to change up the casting for your biographical film. Meet the new onscreen LeBron. He's standing right behind you."

Second runner-up, blanchard48moh: LeBron: "Contraction would be great for the league. Imagine taking guys like Spike Lee out of other arenas and putting them with teams like Miami! Then the NBA's fanbases wouldn't be so diluted."

Spike: "By 'diluted' fanbases, do you mean how the most hyped team ever assembled still can't fill its own arena?"

LeBron: "Ummm ... uh ... I didn't know what 'Spike Lee' meant when I said 'Spike Lee.'"

Spike: "Do you know what 'diluted' means?"

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