Create-a-Caption: Russell Westbrook, noted martial arts enthusiast

Russell Westbrook would totally be the best karateka in the world if only he didn't hate plain black belts BECAUSE HE LOVES CLOTHES, GET IT?????

Best caption wins Tribe x Lou Reed, because it's a sunny Friday afternoon in New York City and I love you all very deeply. Good luck.

In our last adventure: The volume on Nate Robinson explaining himself starts at 11, I bet.

Winner, Deviljinttt: "I can't promise you that Boozer won't punch you."

Runner-up, Capn_Stache: Robinson: "How many times can I slap LeBron before you call a foul?"

Ref: "This many."

Second runner-up, JeffK: "I do NOT look like Kevin Hart. He looks like me."

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