Create-a-Caption: Ronny Turiaf represents the spoils of fame

Ball Don't Lie

I've never wanted to be an internationally famous, wildly successful, obscenely rich pop star beloved by millions ... until I realized it could get you a cell phone photo where Ronny Turiaf is giving you the double shaka sign, known around the world as the "hang loose" symbol shared by surfers and chill bros everywhere. Now, fame sounds awesome; now, I am a Belieber.

Best caption wins an important documentary about the intersection of surfing and ninjas. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Andrei Kirilenko comforts Kevin Love.

Winner, William: Kevin Love has been taking the cancellation of "Animal Practice" real hard.

Runner-up, Russell S: Kirilenko: "OK, Kevin, read the top line"

Love: "O-K-C."

Kirilenko: "OK, read the next line down."

Love: "L-A-C."

Kirilenko: "And the next three lines?"

Love: "M-E-M, S-A-S, G-S-W."

Kirilenko: "Same as your right eye ... I guess we ARE 6th in the Western Conference!"

Love: "@#$%!"

NOTE: Oh, for the heady times of last Friday. Were we ever so young? After a pair of tough losses to the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets, the Minnesota Timberwolves now sit ninth out West.

Second runner-up, Mark: Kirilenko: "Good. Good. Feel the hate flow through you."

A Special Commendation in Ruling, Beards and Bands Division, goes to The Devil, who submitted this tastefully twee entry:

Andrei Kirilenko finally breaks the news to Kevin Love that his beard-idol Bon Iver is taking a break from touring.

"But ... I didn't get to see them this summer because of Team USA," Love said between sobs.

Kirilenko only made the situation worse when he told Love he could always catch Mumford and Sons.

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