Create-a-Caption: Ronny Turiaf is disconsolate

Ball Don't Lie

I'm sorry, Ronny Turiaf. But with rookie sensation Robert Sacre being recalled from the D-League by the Los Angeles Lakers, you're no longer the unquestioned best Gonzaga-bred dance celebrator on an L.A.-based NBA franchise. I know it's difficult for you to believe and accept, but I'm afraid we're just going to have to figure out a way for you to deal with this news. May I suggest dancing and celebrating?

Best caption wins another recent instance of bad news for Mr. Turiaf. Good luck.

Image comes courtesy of our friend @cjzero.

In our last adventure: Marcin Gortat is gonna wash that man right out of his hair. Wait. No hair. Never mind, then.

Winner, Dago: "What is this woman talking about? You want to see my halo? Uh ... OK. Here you go, I guess."

Runner-up, A.B.: "I don't think the Triforce works in real life, Coach."

Second runner-up, Trevor: Marcin Gortat practices throwing the Roc Diamond in anticipation of his first game in Brooklyn.

A Special Commendation in Ruling, Create-a-Caption Callbacks Division, goes to Sam, who remembered our recent rebirth and reached back to hit us wit' dis hee:

"Even after six seasons in the NBA, Marcin Gortat still has difficulty grasping the subtleties of 'YMCA.'"

Just like his pick-and-roll pal Goran Dragic! I do so love it when a play comes together.

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