Create-a-caption: Ron Artest is a movie critic now

If you ask me, there could be nothing better than Ron Artest(notes) giving Phil Jackson an impromptu Ebert review of "Sex and the City 2." Well, the only thing better would be Ron giving it a single thumbs up because he liked the clothes, but the plot left a little to be desired. If you can think of anything better, you win a "Sex and the City" book. Good luck!

Previously, Kobe mixes up his face.

Winner, Mark: "Kobe? Derek Fisher(notes) was the hero of game 3 and Pau Gasol(notes) might end up series MVP! Isn't that great? Now how about a smile for the cameras?"

Runner-up, Fighting Maroon: "Lint, 1. Kobe, 0."

Second runner-up, matt: "Ron Artest just took another 3"

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