Create-a-Caption: Rodrigue Beaubois hopes you like the present he got you, ref

You will never in a million years guess what it is, referee Jason Phillips. Rodrigue Beaubois spent like six hours shopping on Amazon, but it was totally worth it, because he thinks you're really going to, oh crap, he forgot to wrap it, didn't he?

Hmm. Oh, well. Still, happy National Spanish Paella Day, I guess.

Best caption wins a pretty cool basketball friend, not unlike Phillips just received. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Baron Davis isn't feeling so great.

Winner, The Devil: The NBA has to once again revise the rules about entering the stands after Baron Davis chases down a hot dog vendor.

"I told him one with relish and mustard," said Davis, "but he just told me to shut up and play."

Runner-up, JackB: "Hey, it's Donald Sterling! Who let him inside? Get him out of here!"

Second runner-up, Mr. Jones: "No, no, no, THAT'S James Harden."

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