Create-a-Caption: Robin Lopez is breathing down your neck

And he's pretending he's a dragon the entire time. Most guys would be creeped out by Robin Lopez's low-post nose exhalations, but Tim Duncan's like, "Whatever, I'm just going to roll a 20 and vanquish this sucker. " Then he wheels and throws up that damned banker, just like always.

Best caption wins some respect for people's personal space. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Kyle Korver and Courtney Kirkland get down.


Winner, Eric G: Kirkland: "... and then the dude pooped on the floor right next to me."

Korver: "Nooo."

Kirkland: "Yeah. Tyrone bopped him in the nose, Devin stole all the chips, Derrick started crying ..."

Korver: "Nooo way."

Kirkland: "Yeah, man. Things're falling apart over there in Utah. I ain't lyin'."

Korver: "Maaaaaaaan."

Runner-up, Fighting Maroon: Kirkland: "My friend over here is like a Mark Price clone! It's insane!"

Korver: "Oh yeah? Well he ain't got nothin' on my Popeye Jones! Hyuk hyuk hyuk!"

Second runner-up, Mr. Jones: Unfortunately, it only took one look from Tom Thibodeau to turn both Korver and Kirkland into stone immediately.

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