Create-a-Caption: Rik Smits is no mere ‘lunch lady,’ friend

Ball Don't Lie

Didn't you see the "Class Acts" episode of "Chopped?" These are skilled, detail-oriented, school cafeteria chefs, trained and prepared to deliver nutritious and delicious meals to ravenous populations of children on shoestring budgets. They are, in many cases, nothing short of culinary wizards. And on days like last Monday, when the Indiana Pacers joined many other NBA teams in hosting a pre-Thanksgiving dinner for men, women and children from local shelters and missions, Rik Smits was one of them

A really tall one who can get hard-to-reach things and sometimes has to be careful that his chef's hat doesn't fall into the chafing dish. But still, one of them.

Best caption wins a good meal served by a giant Dutchman. Good luck.

In our last adventure: DeAndre Jordan asks a child if the NBA lockout will end in the middle of the night after Thanksgiving. The kid's hands say he doesn't know, but his smile says he totally knows.


Winner, Scooter281: DeAndre Jordan is about to learn the danger of tickling a child whose legs are free to kick.

Runner-up, Dago: In three seconds, DeAndre will be hit in the head with a basketball by the dude in the background. Cute young kid with a mini mo-hawk = the perfect setup.

Second runner-up, Russell S: "DANG! Sorry, kid ... didn't realize how bad I messed up your haircut! No refunds."

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