Create-a-Caption: Referees just don't 'get it' sometimes

C'mon, Eli Roe. The joke that Utah Jazz head coach Tyrone Corbin just told you is not complicated — two muffins are in the oven, one says, "Man, it's hot in here," the other says, "Oh no! It's a talking muffin!" How could that go over your head? No wonder Corbin's so steamed; you should T yourself up for not having a sense of humor.

Best caption wins software for understanding jokes (NOTE: not really). Good luck.

MAJOR BUMMER ALERT: After a Sloan-conference induced few days away from the world of C-a-C, I took a look this morning at our last adventure, in which Shane Battier(notes) somehow managed to compel me to ignore a flailing Hamed Haddadi(notes) and a "not in the face!" Tiago Splitter(notes), so that I could judge your responses and award imaginary prizes. Unfortunately, when he was switching out and upgrading the commenting feature on our site, the Hamburglar appears to have absconded with all your jokes — as I look at the post, I see no comments. I know they were once there, but now, nada, brada.

This can mean only one thing: YOU'RE ALL WINNERS! You get "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)!" And you get "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)!" "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)" for everyone!

(Apologies for the glitch, gang. It all appears to be working going forward, so we should be back up and running as normal tomorrow. Thanks, as always, for wasting your time with me.)

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