Create-a-Caption: Rebounds aren’t *that* scary, Meyers Leonard

I mean, I know they might seem scary to a guy who grabs about 12 percent of available rebounds when he's on the floor, but seriously, they're not. Just go grab them with your hands. If you're scared to do it yourself, buddy up with Ryan Hollins. Your respective teams might not appreciate that, since you're on opposite squadrons, but do what you need to do. It's like Coach Bon Jovi says: You've got each other, and that's a lot for love, so go get that shot.

Best caption wins 13 quotes to help you face your fears. If they're good enough for "high-octane women," they're surely good enough for us. Good luck, and get ready for the playoffs.

In our last adventure: Cheer up, Carmelo Anthony. Your New York Knicks have locked up their highest playoff seed since 1994 and you just won the scoring title. It's not that bad.

Winner, bdizzle: 'Melo fined $25,000 for not-so-menacing gesture.

Runner-up, Trevor: "Someone snitched?"

Second runner-up, Capn_Stache: J.R. Smith: "What s'matter, 'Melo?"

Anthony: "Just thinking how much I miss Wild Watermelon Pop Tarts."

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