Create-a-caption: 'I really like your hair'

This is going to be an easy one, guys. Basically anything you type is going to come out hilarious because I'll be imagining them in Jack Nicholson's voice. "Do you like string cheese?" "I have a belly button." "Have you seen the previews for 'Furry Vengeance'?" Literally anything is going to crack me up. Scott Brooks agrees. Best zinger wins "Anger Management." Good luck.

Previously, Andre Miller and Grant Hill are freaking out.

Winner, gaborik10m: "That is clearly a foul on Marcus Camby!"

Runner-up, JeremyO: "I command you, demon, to leave this man and enter this basketball! NO, NOT MY SHOE, DEMON!! THE BASKETBALL!! BAD DEMON!"

Second runner-up, Domenique C: "Grant Hill and Andre Miller tussle for the last hip replacement surgery in the area."

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