Create-a-caption: Ray Allen is alone, unimpressed

I'm just going to go out on a limb and guess that when Ray Allen(notes) goes to the movies with a guy friend, he sits one seat away from him, just like Don Draper and Lane Pryce. He doesn't want anybody getting the wrong idea. Like, for instance, that Sam from Guess Who?-looking guy in the pink shirt a couple rows up who's having a nice laugh about the whole situation. Laugh it up, man. Best caption wins a seat on either side of Ray. Good luck.

Previously, Peter John Ramos is huge.

Winner, Kayz: "FO: (w/ a huge smile) Okay ready? One, two, three, SHOOT!
PJR: (annoyed) See, I told you.
FO: (still w/ a huge smile) Yep, you're right. Finger sword ties finger sword. Isn't this great?
PJR: (disgusted) I'm not going to lie to you Fabs, this game is not great. In fact, it might just be the worst game ever. What's it called?
FO: (still w/ a huge smile) Finger Swords!!!"

Runner-up, ][: "Flight Attendant: Are you two brothers?
both: nnoooo.
both: yeeeeesss!!"

Second runner-up, Mr: "That Atlanta Braves hat looks so tiny on his big head, it should be filled with ice cream and sold at Baskin Robins."

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