Create-a-Caption: Rashard Lewis really likes doing the People’s Eyebrow

I know you love pretending to be The Rock as much as you hate shaving that terrible Mephistophelian goatee, Rashard Lewis, and so I'm glad that you are now moving to Miami, where you will play with the Miami Heat and live in the same place that Dwyane Johnson played football lo those many years ago. Good for you, Rashard.

A word of advice, though: Don't step on Metta World Peace's toes here. He appears to have a Rock-style gimmick in mind for the year ahead, and I'm not sure you want it with him.

Then again, maybe Lewis is just pleased and curious at a question he's been asked. What do you think's piqued his interest and tickled his funny bone?

Best caption wins the straight dope on if you can train yourself to do the People's Eyebrow, or whether it's hereditary, courtesy of the invaluable Yahoo! Answers service. Good luck.

In our last adventure: You've clearly got a lot of leg-wigglin' to do if you want to become an elite wing, Rudy Gay.

Winner, Give_and_go: Kobe Bryant: "What's your favorite movie, LeBron?"

LeBron James: "'Karate Kid.' You?"

Kobe: "'Karate Kid.'"

Runner-up, Jim: "I am the very model of a modern major-general."


Second runner-up, Yellow Mamba: For beginners, here's a chart that teaches you how to walk.

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