Create-a-Caption: ‘Psst, hey Tony, psst, I’m being guarded by a Wizard’

With all due respect to Trevor Booker, who works very hard and is one of the few things about this year's Washington Wizards that is enjoyable in a non-"oh God, did you even see that?" fashion (except for when he is enjoyable in exactly that fashion), it was probably hard for Tim Duncan not to actually scream for the ball. We applaud his decision to restrain himself and let his eyes do all the screaming for him.

Best caption wins advice from the Googly Eyes Gardener. Good luck.

In our last adventure: J.J. Redick angrily reminds Lou Amundson that you don't turn off another man's O.A.R. CD.

Winner, Owara Jacksohn: "Nah, brah ... crash into ME!"

Runner-up, Joel: That is the least intimidating "game face" I think I have ever seen. Or the best John Leguizamo impression.

Second runner-up, Gerard: Amundson: "No one even notices how hard I've been playing."
Redic: "Not true, bro. I noticed. Now come here and let's hug it out."

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