Create-a-Caption: ‘Please, please, please bring back C-a-C’

Ball Don't Lie

Wow. I mean, I know it's been more than a month since the last time we did a Create-a-Caption contest, Goran Dragic, but I didn't realize it meant that much to you. I figured you were too busy working out, practicing and planking to pay attention to our longstanding practice of crafting dumb little jokes based on pictures of players, coaches, mascots and fans in funny, awkward or conversationally appropriate situations.

And yet, here you are, even as you work your way to a solid 110-100 win over the Denver Nuggets, entreating me to return to my roots. Well, how can I say no to a man posting career-best True Shooting and Effective Field Goal percentages and per-36 scoring and assist rates, who is assisting on a greater share of Phoenix teammates' field goals and turning it over less frequently than he ever has, and who's just outside the top 20 in Player Efficiency Rating among dudes averaging at least 20 minutes per game? I can't. I'm not some sort of heartless creep, after all.

Then again, maybe — juuuuuuuuuuuuust maybe — Dragic is appealing for something else rather than the return of C-a-C. What do you think that might be? Best caption wins a love song to Goran Dragic, which was a very Rockets fan-y thing to do, and was adorable (but, I'm afraid, unsuccessful). Good luck.

In our last adventure: Steve Nash and Steve Blake share a special Steveshake, and other nursery rhymes for pale Angeleno children.

Winner, Trevor: "At least we're not Smush."

Runner-up, Moondebah: Steve Nash passes as much of a torch to Steve Blake as Steve Blake deserves.

Second runner-up, Dan: Blake: "You hear about the one-armed fisherman?"

Nash: "Yes ... he caught a fish THIS big."

Blake: "Dang. Took my job AND stealing my punchlines!"

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