Create-a-Caption: Please explain to me which emotion Chris Bosh is expressing

I have been staring at Chris Bosh's eyes and face for about the last 20 minutes or so, and I am at a loss. Is he in disbelief, or perhaps discomfort? Is he stifling a smirk at Kris Humphries, who seems like the kind of guy it might be really fun to take off the dribble and score on if you had the means to do so? Is he about to sneeze? I am starting to feel like I am staring into the abyss; down this path lies madness.

Save me, friends. What do you think is going through Chris Bosh's mind and heart as he is being guarded by Kris Humphries? Best caption wins my undying gratitude, plus a cover of The Smiths' "This Charming Man" composed entirely of "Super Mario Bros." sound effects. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Joakim Noah is being a little handsy and a little fresh, if we're being honest.

Winner, MatejB: For a picture displaying how much Joakim Noah was upset with Hibbert's inclusion in the All-Star game, look right.

Runner-up, Gareth Smith: Roy Hibbert: "Look, I didn't touch your drum set, OK?"

Joakim Noah: "I witnessed, with my eyes, your ball touching my drum set."

Second runner-up, Thanatos: Noah: "But Rose said *I* could turn it over this time!"

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