Create-a-Caption: ‘Peace out, NBA’

Ball Don't Lie

Oh, sure, Chris Bosh. You tell the hardworking typewriter-hammerer from the local fishwrap international wire service that you're taking a "wait and see" approach to playing overseas while the NBA lockout continues, but any fool with eyes at Tuesday night's Rutgers/Miami game could see you clearly waving two-fingers-and-a-space to the United States and getting ready to become the most dominant player in the history of Uzbekistan. Peace sign up + contented, mischievous smile = you're BUSTED, Bosh. Classic blunder.

Best caption wins some Y Society to vibe to. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Maurice Evans could have sworn his phone just buzzed, but there's no message or anything, so it's probably some kind of persistent, thigh-localized tremor. He should probably have that checked out. Except now, he's got no health insurance! A truly American conundrum.


Winner, Magic32: Message from Mo Evans: "The union has been disemboweled."

Mo: "Dang it! 'Disbanded!' 'Disbanded!' Eff you, Autocorrect!"

Runner-up, Da Dinininon: As the NBA elite are informed about the lockout news, Mo Evans receives no messages.

Second runner-up, Dago: "$19.99 for the NBA 2K12 iPhone App? Screw that, I ain't gettin' paid no more."

Honorable mention, Robert W: Message on phone: "David Stern has beaten you in Words with Friends by 60 points!"

NOTE: How much you wanna bet the commish nailed down the victory by dropping "JERKS" with the J on a TL and the K on a TW and oh man this is spiraling out of control.

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