Create-a-Caption: Pau and Kobe share a welcome-back mindmeld

Ball Don't Lie

After eight games on the shelf with tendinitis in both knees, Pau Gasol needed to get brought up to speed quickly upon his return to the Los Angeles Lakers lineup on Tuesday night. Luckily, while L.A.'s no longer running the Triangle or sharing inspirational tomes with one another, Gasol and Kobe Bryant haven't forgotten everything that Phil Jackson taught them, so all it took was a quick double head-tap and all the information was shared — no muss, no fuss, no flash drives or practices required. Just the free flow of information and years of barely suppressed competitive rage into Pau's ample Spanish noggin. Thanks, Zen Master!

Best caption wins a classic jam from the Peabody-winning documentary "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." Good luck.

In our last adventure: Glen Davis throws his hands in the air because he likes fish and grits, and man, we just kind of miss OutKast, is what we're trying to say.

Winner, JonathanH: Glen Davis and Kevin Love have different feelngs toward the McRib.

Runner-up, OneWiseWoman: "Well, I'm the one trying to walk away from the argument, so who's the Big Baby now?!"

Second runner-up, Sean: Surprisingly, Glen Davis' Cornholio impersonation was less than convincing.

A Special Commendation in Ruling, "I'm a Jackin' Dude" Division, goes to Ho, who reminded us of greatness recently past:

"I know I ain't no Dwight Howard but to quote the great Zach Randolph, 'I'm good with these hands, man.'"

Good on ya, Ho. Any reminder that Z-Bo is very confident he'd whip up on most NBA dudes is a good reminder, I'd say.

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