C-a-C Past Lives: ‘C’mooooooooooooon’

Gotta get back in time ... Welcome back, friends, to Create-a-Caption Past Lives. If you've missed prior installments, worry not — just check out the first edition, posted lo those many moons ago, to get a handle on things.

Shaquille O'Neal looks totally resolute in his opposition to the Grateful Dead, but Bill Walton simply will not quit. He will stare at you and talk at you and wear you down until you're old, gray and bobbing your head along to "American Beauty," Diesel. He uses your dispassionate glare and their squeebling as fuel.

Best caption wins a tie-dye 1992 Lithuanian national team T-shirt (not really), putting us in mind of the forthcoming doc "The Other Dream Team," which looks killer (really). Good luck.

In our last adventure: Andrew Bynum weighs his options, high-five-wise.

Winner, Give_and_go: Andrew Bynum doesn't recognize any of Philadelphia's celebrities.

Runner-up, Silver D: Bynum: "Who wants to give me a haircut?"

Random: "I DO!"

Second runner-up, Isaac M: "What's that written on his hand? 'Hey, we just signed you, and this is cr —' oh, come on."

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