Create-a-Caption: A pair of quizzical Mavericks

Something certainly seemed to bedevil both Dirk Nowitzki(notes) and Tyson Chandler(notes) when the Dallas Mavericks took on the Sacramento Kings on Saturday night. I'm guessing it was probably the fact that they were both pretty sure it was spelled "Sacramentoe," and then they got a look at the game program and saw there wasn't an "e," and they were both like, "Whaaaaaaaat?" Sometimes it's hard to properly execute defensive rotations when your mind's totally exploded.

Anyway, that's my guess at what had 'em stymied. What's yours? Best caption wins a picture of a cat saying "Whaaaaaaaat?", because this is the Internet and of course that's what you get. Good luck.

In our last adventure: I agree, George Karl — that is a pretty chill baby.

Winner, The VZA: To prove his athletic prowess to his players, George Karl resorts to arm-wrestling babies for cash.

Runner-up, Eric G: "I like carrots, too! Yay!"

Second runner-up, craigerswuzhere: Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri: "No, George, when we said we wanted you to go deal with the baby, we meant Carmelo."

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